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Macleaya cordata extract


Macleaya cordata is a bloodroot which owns thousand year history of medicinal usage in China. 13 kinds of alkaloids and other compounds such as sanguinarine, toddaline, protopine, a-allocryptopine, bocconine, rhizoma coptidis alkali, berberine, samin alkali and protopine are in the root and aerial parts. Macleaya cordata extract contains sanguinaine and chelerythrine, which have fungicidal and insecticidal activity. Sanguinarine (pseudochelerythrine) is a potent inhibitor of NF-kappaB activation, IkappaBalpha phosphorylation, and degradation.


1.    Specification

Alkaloids >60%,Sanguinarine>38%,Chelerythrine>18.5%



Ingredient Name Sanguinarine

Molecular formulaC20H14NO4

Molecular weight 332.33

CAS Number  2447-54-3.




Ingredient Name Chelerythrine

Molecular formula C21H18NO4

Molecular weight 348.37192

CAS Number  34316-15-9




2.    Test condition (HPLC)

Column:Hyper ODS2 C18

Mobile phase: Acetonitrile: H2O =40:60

Column temperature:25

Flow rate: 1.0ml/min

Detection wavelength: 270nm


3.    Application

a. Anti-microbial, to be used in toothpastes, mouthwash, chewing-gum additives and food additives.

b. Insecticidal and anti fungi, to be used as pesticides for crop protection.

c. Substitute of antibiotics in feed additives.

d. Treatment of skin diseases.