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Forms of food supplements



1.       Tablets


The key criteria that a powder needs to fulfill for use in tablet making are:

• It must be free flowing to feed the punches and dies.

• It must have binding properties to retain the compressed form.

• It must not stick to the punches or dies.


Tablets need to be coated for a number of reasons, the main ones being:

• Organoleptic, to cover unpleasant taste from some active ingredients.

• To prevent or reduce deterioration of active ingredients such as vitamins and act as a barrier to oxygen and moisture.

• To cover unavoidable mottle effects on a tablet due to different coloured ingredients.

• To colour the tablets to provide differentiation between tablets with different active ingredients but with the same size and weight.


Fig.1.1 Forms of tablets used for food supplements


2.  Capsules

Capsules are a convenient method of supplying supplements in a powder, oil, oil-based suspension or paste form. There are two types in common use: hard capsules, which consist of two shells that slot together to form a tight seal and are normally used to hold free-flowing powders or granules and occasionally oil-based suspensions; and soft capsules, hermetically sealed, which tend to be used to hold ingredients in the form of an oil, oily suspension or paste.


Fig.1.2 Forms of capsules used for food supplements




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