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Dosage and Regulatory status of NHDC



Dosage of NHDC recommended

The optimum dose of NHDC needs to be determined in each particular case in which the presence of other sweeteners and their synergistic effect has to be taken into consideration. The maximum dose of NHDC is registered in EEC Directive 94/35/EEC



Dairy products & desserts

10-35ppm(sweetener),1-5ppm(flavor enhancer)

Spice flavor

1-5ppm (flavor enhancer)

Chewing gum

400ppm(sweetener),1-5ppm(flavor enhancer)

Soft drink

10-30ppm(sweetener),1-5ppm(flavor enhancer)


15-50ppm(sweetener),1-5ppm(flavor enhancer)


1-5ppm(flavor enhancer)

Pharmaceutical industry

10-30ppm(sweetener),1-5ppm(flavor enhancer)

Animal feed industry

1-5ppm(flavor enhancer)


Regulatory Status

1.       GRAS by the Expert Panel of FEMA as a flavor ingredient(#3811);

2.       EU food additives regulations included(#E959);

3.       Australian National Food Authority approved as “flavoring substances”;

4.       “European Pharmacopoeia”(EP-7) included;

5.       U.S. Pharmacopoeia Commission “Food Chemical Codex substance”(US-FCC8) included;

6.       China Feed Authority approved as “Flavor Ingredients”