Product Detail
Production: Olive Leaf Extract
Name: Olive Leaf Extract
1.Oleuropein 10%,20%,40%,60%
2.Hydroxytyrosol 10%,20%,50%

Pack: 25KG/DRUM
Unit: KG

[English name]: Olive Leaf Extract

[Botanical]: Olea europaea L.




[Specification]: 15%-60% HPLC

[Appearance]: Yellow brown or yellow green powder

[Molecular Formula]: C25H32O13

[Molecular weight]540.5148

[CAS.NO]: 32619-42-4

[Melting Point] 88

[log P (octanol-water)]: -0.080

[Application]: Antioxidant, antimicrobial.




[Specification]: 5%-50% HPLC

[Appearance]: Yellow brown powder

[Molecular Formula]: C8H10O3

[Molecular weight]154.1632

[CAS.NO]: 10597-60-1

[Application]: a free radical scavenger, with an ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) of about 4,000,000 μmolTE/100 g; Antimicrobial