Product Detail
Production: Phosphatidylserine
Name: Phosphatidylserine

Pack: 25KG/DRUM
Unit: KG

[English name]: Phosphatidylserine

[Botanical Origin]: Glycine max (L.) Merr

[Appearance]: Brown to light yellow powder

[Specification]: 50%, 70%

[Molecular Formula]: C42H82NO10P

[Molecular weight]792.081

[CAS.NO]: 51446-62-9

[Production process]:PC is dissolved in organic phase while the enzyme and serine are dissolved in aqueous phase. After preheating for a while, the two phases are combined, and reaction occurs at the interface under certain conditions. PS is obtained by isolating and extracting of the organic solvent phase and quantified by thin layer chromatography (TLC).


Brain & Memory, phosphatidylserine is quickly absorbed orally and can pass the blood-brain barrier unhindered leads to an improvement of the cognitive performance and the memory functions.


Adults: 300mg per day with meal for the first month, then 100mg per day thereafter

Athletes: 300-500mg daily

Children: 100mg daily