Product Detail
Production: Rosemary Extract
Name: Rosemary Extract
Carnosic acid powder 20%-90%
Carnosic acid liquid 5%-10%
Rosmarinic acid 5%-30%
Ursolic acid 20%-98%
Pack: 25KG/DRUM
Unit: KG


[English name]:Rosemary extract

[Botanical Origin]: Rosmarinus officinalis


[Carnosic acid]

[Specification]:20-90% HPLC

[Solubility]: Oil Soluble, Insoluble in water

[Appearance]: Yellow-green  to yellow powder or Brown liquid

[Molecular Formula]: C20H28O4

[Molecular weight]332.4372

[CAS.NO]: 3650-09-7

[Application]: Antioxidant


[Rosmarinic acid]

[Specification]:10-30% HPLC

[Solubility]: Water Soluble

[Product properties]: Yellow-green to brown powder

[Molecular Formula]: C18H16O8

[Molecular weight]360.3164

[CAS.NO]: 20283-92-5

[Application]: Antimicrobial,Antioxidant


[Ursolic acid]

[Specification]:20-98% HPLC

[Appearance]: Pale   yellow to white powder

[Molecular Formula]: C30H48O3

[Molecular weight]456.706

[CAS.NO]: 77-52-1

[Melting Point] 284

[log P (octanol-water)]: 7.920

[Application]: Anti-cancer,Anti-diabetic